Friday, November 12, 2010

miracle zit treatment? i wouldn't go that far..

We've all been there..

You wash your face before you go to bed, moisturize to perfection, & do everything you're "supposed to do" to have clear skin... yet whenever you wake up in the morning - there it is. Check how many days until my birthday - countdown calculator.

El pimple.

Regardless of your skin type or how clear your skin is, we all know that there are certain zits you just can't deal with. They're red, they hurt, and they're ugly. There is no other option for them besides getting them the hell off of your face and getting them the hell off of there now. PRONTO.

I had one of these aforementioned wonders about a week ago & when I stopped into the grocery store, I figured I'd swing past the cleansers and check out all of the "spot treatments" that I've seen advertised. I'm a fan of clean & clear and after I read the directions on all of the different brands, they all said the same thing: make sure your face is clean and apply a thin layer of medication 1-3 times daily.

I have a few issues with this: 1. Applying 1-3 times daily to clean skin is all well and good if it's a Sunday and I don't plan on doing anything. I know you shouldn't put makeup on over a pimple, but who follows that rule? You want it staring everyone in the face all day? No, you don't. So the fact that I need squeaky clean skin everytime I put it on is a downfall for me. and 2. Obviously for max results, they want you doing this 3 times a day. I guess it's not reasonable - but I would like a spot treatment that follows the "one and done" rule. But you can't always get what you want. Were you curious to know How does Rogaine work and how it helps you to cure hair loss?

Anyways, I got the Clean & Clear Advantage Acne Spot Treatment
Runs you about $7 at drug or grocery stores

Overall, it did the trick and reduced redness and pimple size (didn't completely demolish it) within about 3 days. I still have a little bump there, but obviously I was just using it before bed and then again in the morning before I put my makeup on since I didn't have time to wash my face & apply it again at work 2 more times. They boast on the tube that 100% of people saw improvement in just 1 day and I'll tell you what I saw after one day: a whole shitload of redness, but not as big of a bump. I guess there's some type of trade off there, but I was shocked that it actually made it way more red. The second day, both redness and size had seriously gone down - so I guess the rudolph effect was just an initial reaction. It didn't dry out or irritate my skin which was nice since it's always risky putting something that's "medicated" onto freshly scrubbed skin. I wasn't expecting a miracle treatment for $7 - and I'd say for the price it's not a bad buy. If you've got something big on the weekend and something pops up on wednesday that you don't want hanging around - this could probably fix you up & seriously reduce size/redness. But if picture day is tomorrow and you've got a bright red third eye.. well.. I hope you have a good concealer. 

Monday, November 8, 2010

Hot Lips for Chilly Weather

Hola Ladies!

I've had some product reviews building up that I've been needing to do, and when it dawned on me that 4 of the products that needed reviewing were lippies, I figured I'd roll them all into one post. Before I even start, I wanna thank , , and for sending me the following products to check out.

With cold weather upon us and the holidays right around the bend (47 days until Christmas) - there are two things that you need to be worried about when it comes to your luscious lips:

Number one - keeping them protected. Dry, cold air is a bitch & chapped lips are an even bigger bitch. Even if your lips aren't chapped right now, keeping them moisturized all the time will prevent this painful and seriously unfortunate looking epidemic from striking you.

Number two - looking hot. You're going to be going to holiday parties and all that jazz. You need something for Thanksgiving dinner that won't make Grandma think you're a hussy AND you need something that turns the heat up a couple notches when Gram isn't around. I've got you covered on both ends.

"Crazy Rumors" is a fun company that prides itself on using all natural ingredients and fun flavors. They sent me 2 of their lip balms - a Mocha from their "perk" line and an Orange Bergamot from their "brew" line. Coffee and tea lovers, get down, because you're going to love these. They're definitely a bit more scented than most lip balms, but I like them because there are no funky ingredients - which I think is super important if you're going strictly for the benefit of your lips. Plus, they smell way better than those medicated, store brand balms & let's face it: they're fun! They have a ton of varieties and they're all reasonably priced, too ($3.99 per balm). Check out their all natural, cruelty free, vegan brand .

Here's my Thanksgiving dinner friendly suggestion, which is brought to us by the lovies over at Duchess Cosmetics. I love Duchess lip glosses because they:
1. are not sticky at all, but they're still glossy without feeling oily
2. smell like citrus and vanilla had a delicious love child
and 3. feel and look lightweight,
which is perfect if you don't want to feel/look overdone.

Let's admit that while I may love hot pink lip gloss with gold glitter in it, it's not always practical. This particular color is called "Kate" and if you have a fair skin tone like I do - this is kind of that happy medium plummy color that compliments everything. It's great for fall because it's not too intense, but it definitely gives you a pop of color. They run $18 a tube, so they're more of an investment, but it's a great go-to lipgloss that won't let you down. See all the colors on the .

And now my friends, it's time to get Saucy. This lipgloss is freaking hot. The picture does not do the color justice, but it looks to me like your lips are throwing a hot holiday banger and whoever looks at them will want to be invited.

It's that good.

The color is called "LUSH" and Senna describes it as a "gold flecked berry". It's a little bit thicker than most glosses, meaning it is a little stickier - but if you plan on doing a lot of talking, drinking, eating - you need something a little bit more heavy duty. It's a brand new color for fall and even though these pups are $19 a tube, you will get compliments on this gloss - it even looks sexy in the tube. Check it out & the rest of Senna's unreal colors on the . You've gotta have at least one in your collection.

Well, my ladies - there we have it. I hope those suggestions will come in handy when stocking up for the cold winter months. As always, questions and comments are welcome & I hope all of you have a great week ahead!

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween: A Reflection & What I've Learned

Well, ladies - Halloween has officially come and gone. Kind of crazy to think that stores can now officially start selling Holiday merch without looking like they're jumping the gun. Where's the time gone?

We all know that Halloween is my shit - so I figured I'd do a little wrap up post here for you all to show you some of my own personal Halloween accomplishments, as well as list for you all some things I realized I've learned this year.

I put some of my makeup skills to work this year, on both the kids that I nanny & my boyfriend's brother who decided he was going to be "guy in flannel shirt with zombie makeup" :

Chloe was a vampire & unfortunately, the fangs were a little too big for that teeny little mouth of hers! She still looked pretty spooky & cute, though :)

Graci rocked the zombie look & she had the creepy facial expression DOWN. She was scaring the crap out of me everytime she looked at me.

..And here we have Nick looking like a fool, as usual :) 
His little head scar thing turned out pretty good, though.

Boyfriend & Myself were the "Leg Lamp" & Ralphie as the "Pink Nightmare" from the movie "A Christmas Story". If you've never seen it.. well.. I'm not sure where you've been for the past 25 years.

Standing on one leg for all those pictures was harder than you'd think.. And yes, we made both of the costumes! The pink sleeper thing was bought at Target but we obviously had to altar the crap out of it so it looked like Ralphie's pajamas. I love being creative on Halloween :)

But anyways, we all know how much I love uncreative hoes on Halloween. Probably one of my favorite things is watching them get sloppier and sloppier as the night progresses and they eventually vomit/spill on their $70 "dresses".. I'm all about being creative on this holiday, and honestly - it's way cheaper to be creative than it is to be slutty. But thanks to these lovely ladies, I've learned quite a few things that I've never known before. So I figured I'd share my top 10 favorites:

1. Female devils always wear bow ties. This is a requirement in the underworld. It is even more realistic looking if the aforementioned bow tie contains sequins and/or glitter.

2. The Raspberry girl is alive and well. And GOOD NEWS! She has a new friend this year & she's $60.00 worth of wonder.

3. You aren't truly a "firefighter" or "the queen of hearts" or anything else with a skirt above the buttcheeks UNLESS you are wearing knee high stockings with bows on them and/or boots. Nobody will understand your costume if you do not wear these.

4. On Halloween weekend ONLY - your gut disappears. So XS spandex sailor costumes for EVERYONE! Just be sure to change before midnight on October 31st or you'll look like a shiny stuffed sausage.

5. Pile on that eyeliner, because you can't be a slutty bumble bee or ladybug without 6x more eyeliner than you usually wear. This is obvious. Insects love eyeliner.

6. The Naughty Schoolgirl costume is and always will be the most original thing you can ever be. PERIOD. But please - be sure to wear your hair in pig tails because every girl I've ever known who has slept with a teacher has always had her hair in pig tails.

7. When you have your picture taken, people will have a tough time figuring out what you are unless you pose in a manner that displays your ass. Whether it be bent over to the side, a backshot while looking over your shoulder, or anything along those lines - it will help us understand that you're a cheerleader, princess, lady gaga, etc...

8. If you want people to think highly of you - be a playboy bunny. Enter a costume contest with that one, too - not many people are creative enough to come up with something that unique.

9. A green dress makes you Robin Hood, a white dress makes you an Angel, and a black dress makes you a Gangster. Don't let anybody tell you differently.

10. And finally - I still hate the referee costume more than anything. Ever.

Hope you all had Happy, CREATIVE, Halloweens!!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

The Halloween Post

I've been wanting to do a halloween post for a little while now. I love this holiday & it's safe to say that it is indeed my favorite. I got an email from one of my readers on my way to work this morning asking that I do another post like last year's halloween post.

For those of you who are new - the aforementioned halloween post is hard to top. It's one of my all-time favorites. So I decided that since it got a great response last year when my reader base was a lot smaller - why not bring it back this year and let all you newbies take in the glory of it, too?

So I proudly present to you all - the Bitchy Halloween Post:

Good morning, ladies & gents. Let me just kick this post off by saying that I am thrilled - actually, I am BEYOND THRILLED that fall is here. Boyfriend & myself live for fall and more specifically - Halloween. We take our haunted adventures very seriously and we have a list of Haunted Houses in the area that we must hit. It doesn't hurt to have a gaggle of friends that also love the Spookin' time of year, so we always have something to do on October weekends.

I made a facebook status update regarding this last night and I have been thinking about it ever since. There are two Halloween costumes that I HATE. I don't know how familiar any of you are with the classy foundation known as "Leg Avenue" - but they are the producers of those slutty costumes that have been becoming more & more popular each year. You know the ones, the series of Wizard of Oz characters gone whore-ish, and who could forget the series of "storybook characters" that are all the SAME DRESS in different colors with a stamp of clip-art on the apron of the dress signifying which "character" the girl is supposed to be (ex. Little Bo Peep has a lamb. Little Miss Muffet has a spider. Mind blowingly creative). These wouldn't bother me so much if:

1. They weren't $40 - $75 .. these things are made with the quality of.. a dollar store water gun.
3. They actually FIT. There is no happy medium here, people. I've seen a maximum of maybe 5 people pull these off without looking like either a stuffed sausage or the complete opposite, and having it hang off of their body in the most unflattering ways.

I won't leave you hanging any longer, here are the two that I want to simultaneously scream, cry, and laugh all at the same time when I see them being paraded around:

Ahhhhh, the referree. Let me start out by telling you that this costume is made out of that tissue papery fabric that does not stretch, so it wrinkles very easily. This makes it even more hilarious when slutty Sally's skirt is bent in every direction and she looks like a hot mess. Let's not ignore the "69" on the boob, either. The reason I hate this costume so much is that I am 100% convinced that when girls resort to this get-up, it is solely to make men think that they are remotely interested in sports. The facebook pictures that follow are my favorite though.. The whistle is always in the mouth.. they find a guy dressed like a football player and have their friend (who is probably dressed like Little Miss Muffet, you'll be able to tell if there's a clip art iron on of a spider on her apron) take a picture of them WITH THE WHISTLE IN THE MOUTH, spanking him. Oh, the creative options really are endless. And for some reason, the hair is ALWAYS in pigtails. I knew that was standard in the NFL & NHL that the refs wear their hair in pigtails, but lighten up girls! You don't have to do everything by the book - it's Halloween, have a little fun! -_-

This is my second favorite because seriously.. what the fuck are you? The description on the website reads "Raspberry Girl". Seriously, I get that they're probably trying to channel a strawberry shortcake vibe - but this is probably one of the dumbest costumes ever. The best part ever is that this elaborate outfit retails for SEVENTY FREAKING DOLLARS. Tell me.. how badly do you want to be a raspberry girl? At least the ref was only $40.. but this?! SEVENTY?!?! Where do these people get off charging that much money for this catastrophe?? Are you willing to spend TEN HOURS of minimum wage work in order to acquire this brilliant costume? Actually, if you had $1 for everytime someone asked you "What are you supposed to be?" - you'd probably make your money back, and then some. So maybe go for that strategy.

Alright, I'm done.. Really. I can't wait to go out on Halloween (2010 EDIT - this year we're being the leg lamp and the pink nightmare from the movie "A Christmas Story") & see these two gems out in full force. I'll be sure to go up to raspberry girl & tell her what a wonderful raspberry girl she makes. She looks just like the real one! Oh wait.. there is no real one? You're just a girl in green and pink with a stupid hat on? My bad.

And to any of my followers who were ever either of these costumes. Don't take offense, just please make better choices in the following years regarding who you'll be dressing up as. Remember that Raspberry Girl doesn't exist & that you don't need to spend $40 on a cheaply made referree dress in order to make men think you like football. In the words of Hannah Montana - "everybody makes mistakes.. everybody has those days".


Saturday, October 9, 2010

A Clean Face is a Happy Face

Well thanks to the wonders of my sinus infection - I'm up bright and early on my day off. So instead of laying in my bed tossing and turning, I figured I'd drag myself over to the computer & do a post I've been meaning to do for awhile now.

I think it's pretty common that us chicks are always looking for a good face wash/makeup remover. I can't even tell you how many I've tried - I've bought everything from drugstore brands to brands that cost wayyy more than they should. And to be honest with you, the ones that have impressed me the most are the ones that are reasonably priced and easy to get your hands on. I'm a strong believer in the fact that you don't have to pay alot for a good product. You don't need to spend $50 for makeup remover. And your face wash does not have to require you to take out a loan.

Now, for the record - I'd describe my skin as combination. I don't have a serious acne problem - but I am prone to breakouts if I don't seriously take care of my skin. If I go to sleep with makeup on, my skin will be a mess in the morning, so I can't afford to mess around.

Clean & Clear 3 in 1 Exfoliating Cleanser
($8 at drugstores)

Balms Away Eye Makeup Remover
($19.80 at )

The thing I like most about the Clean & Clear cleanser is the fact that the exfoliants in it don't make it feel like you're slowly ripping your skin off with sandpaper. It's a super gentle formula, and when you wash it off, it makes your skin seriously feel cold - and it's super refreshing. I use it a lot in the shower and my skin feels tighter, smoother, and softer afterwards. I like the fact that it doesn't only clear breakouts - but it helps prevent future breakouts. I can honestly say that in the month I've been using this, my skin has never looked better. It's a pretty thick cream, too - so it's easy to apply and doesn't feel runny. The cream itself doesn't feel greasy or thick, so if you have oily skin, don't fear.
Navigate to this source
 Balms away was kind of a risk I took just because I was looking for something different to take off my eye makeup. Regardless of how awesome your face wash is, if you wear makeup - you need to use an eye makeup remover, too. Balms Away is in a balm form (obviously) and you just put a little the tips of your fingers, and then you rub the shit out of your eyes (which feels AMAZING). I usually do this before I wash my face since the formula is a bit greasy (it's full of lipids and vitamins which are great for keeping your lashes pretty), but even if you do it afterwards - just make sure you wipe it all off. If you plan on looking sexy while taking your makeup off - I will warn you that this makes you look a bit like a raccoon before you wipe it all off, but it does a great job at removing even clumpy mascara. It's also really convenient to take on trips because you don't have to worry about it spilling and the can is pretty compact. I slip it right in my makeup bag.

So if you're like every other girl who is constantly on the lookout for new products, give these two a try. I've been using both for a little over a month and my skin feels fantastic. If you guys have any questions or any other product recommendations - feel free to leave them in the comments below or just shoot me and email. Enjoy your weekends & try not to get sick like I am!! >:(