Friday, January 21, 2011

Well hello there everybody. I realize it's been about a month and a half since my last post, and while I do apologize for that, it was nice to take a break from blogging and reviewing products. Not only has it given me a chance to really try out stuff and add some new favorites to my arsenal to tell you guys about... it's given me a chance to miss writing. So it feels good to be back.

I have alot of shit to talk about, but I'm going to start with a post I've gotten alot of freaking questions about.

I had gotten emails about trying the whole Covergirl "Smoky Shadow Blast" stick before, but it wasn't until one of the girls I nanny asked about it that I considered giving it a try. Ana is 13 and just starting to get into makeup. She's the oldest of the bunch so she doesn't have an older sister to steal stuff from or ask what does and doesn't suck. That is where I come into play. The bottom line is, some people want no frills no fuss makeup solutions. The easier the better. This totally intrigued Ana since they made it seem so simple and awesome in the commercial. They had Drew Barrymore running around making out with the stuff, wearing fake eyelashes and giggling. So being the kickass nanny that I am - I went out and bought one of these little $7 wonders from wal-greens to try for myself.

This one is "silver sky".. They have a bunch of colors but to me, this one seemed the most.. practical. The base color is basically platinum and the other end is a dark plummy color for the crease.

Number one - upon uncapping I noticed the crease color had like .. a waxy buildup on it. Immediately off to a bad start. I swatched the colors and I mean, while I didn't have to scribble on my hand for hours - I certainly didn't get alot of color with one swipe. Be prepared to inflict alot of pressure on your precious eyeballs to get any sort of pigmentation. 

The colors are super shiny looking, too.. Which doesn't always come to mind for me when I think "smoky eye". It's another turn off in my book.

Bottom line, the product feels greasy and creases like it's nobody's freaking business. I even used a primer (kat von d's - which is like freaking PUTTY, so if you're creasing on that... shit is bad) and everytime I blinked - I had a line. I put the crease color on and .. I just got mad. When I think SMOKY EYE - I don't think of HARSH LINES. with this... you have no choice. If you try and blend it out, say peace out to the color because it's going to wipe right off. The applicator on the crease color is shaped in a manner that there is no "subtle" application. It's either stab your eyeball's crease with a wedge shaped wax stick or go home. And it's just as oily feeling as it's silver friend. Perhaps they should call this stuff "grease ball shadow blast" instead, because that's the result you end up with.

Check out that sharp line in the crease lol.. I tried to blend it out a teeeeny tiny bit and here's what I ended up with:

Where has the purple gone???? Oh there it is. All over my effing finger.

Honestly - if you want a good smokey eye, buy an eyeshadow palette & a decent makeup brush and practice. With a little bit of blending, you can end up with a way nicer look than this mud stick will give you. Trust.

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Haha, thanks for this humorous post. I agree with you 100%, and wondered if this product really was any good....I can't STAND eye shadow that creases!! You would think that crap wouldn't exist anymore...

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